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Characteristics of Good English Instructors

Teachers are the key figures in the English learning process. Their influence is fundamental to their students' progress or lack thereof. To achieve the desired result in teaching English, i.e. guiding students to its successful acquisition, teachers have to be aware of and adhere to certain essentials.

They also need to take into account crucial factors such as classroom atmosphere, classroom management, tolerance, patience, passionate, and other aspects. This introspective essay will undertake to highlight a number of good characteristics that make good English as a second or a foreign language instructor. These attributes are not inclusive of all major characteristics that good English instructors should have, but they seem to be the most important ones.

Ya talkin' to me?

For English teachers, being good at the language is not sufficient; they must also use appropriate teaching techniques. Yet, many times language skill is the sole criterion used to qualify - or disqualify- someone for teaching. This observation or affirmation is based on the personal and perhaps controversial belief that there is no significant correlation between a teacher's own language competency and the language achievement of his or her students. On the contrary, English teachers must be familiar with and able to adapt and employ a variety of teaching techniques in addition to having an appropriate knowledge of the language. These techniques are methods of teaching that include classroom behavior or classroom activities and procedures which employ specific strategies selected by teachers to achieve their objectives. Language competency and teaching techniques go hand in hand in enhancing teacher effectiveness in the classroom.

I got Attitude!

The attitude of the teacher also influences student success. A positive attitude is essential. Teachers need to be confident that their students are capable of learning another language. If, for example, a teacher assumes that half of the class is incapable of acquiring the passive voice, then many of the students will never learn this grammatical form. On the other hand, if a teacher is convinced that all of the students can produce the /l/, eventually they will all be able to say it. So, good English instructors are those who remain distinctly conscious of their covert attitudes toward their students' efforts to learn English and the impact of those attitudes upon the success of their learning experience.

What's the Plan?

The ability to design an effective lesson plan is essential to successful teaching. English teachers need to educate and train themselves on how to design a lesson plan that is tailored to the needs and abilities of their students. The educational aims of each lesson must be clear, and activities should be selected that contribute to the realization of those aims. Lesson objectives should be stated in terms of student capability, that is, in terms of what the student will be able to do as a result of instruction. These objectives must specify a goal in terms of student learning and skill. For example, one specific objective might be that students will be able to answer yes and no questions using the present tense.

Master this!

Teaching for mastery is another vital method that teachers of English need to consider. Teaching for mastery means organizing instruction so all students are given the opportunity to learn what is being taught. Teaching for mastery therefore implies the creative use of a variety of teaching styles. Since different students learn in different ways, the strategic introduction of new techniques may help students overcome a learning problem. For example, if a teacher expects the entire class to master use of the subjunctive, then techniques must be utilized to help the eye-minded and the ear-minded students, or those who need explanation as well as those who learn best by developing their own generalizations. Help must also be given to those who are hesitant to express themselves for fear of looking foolish as well as those who are eager to express themselves and are unmindful of errors.

Remain Flexible

English instructors need to learn to be flexible. This is because foreign or second language learning and teaching is dynamic and subject to change, as well as there is no only one way to teach English. This is also due to the fact that maintaining a flexible teaching philosophy allows them to accommodate the various learning styles, greater diversity, and varied goals students bring with them to English classroom.

Thus, good English teachers should embrace or at least recognize the constant change that the field is ever going through. Additionally, they should always try different teaching methods, think of variety of classroom activities, and strive to search out new ideas. In the hope of finding what works best, English teachers should constantly attempt to employ different techniques and approaches and incorporate various methods and techniques that bring more success to students' language-learning experiences.

The Manager

Teachers of English need to be aware of classroom management so that they can maximize available class time and maintain discipline. Their routines must be a function of the age of the students, the physical environment, and the purpose of the instruction. For instance, independent work, small group conversations, interest group conversations, and student-led drills can all contribute to the smooth functioning of a class. If the students are actively involved in a class which is set at their linguistic level and which takes into account their interests and backgrounds, they will be so busy learning the language that discipline will, in large measure, take care of itself. Therefore, being able to handle and organize the classroom means a greater probability of success in implementing teaching plans.

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Within the last 3 months,WANAM INTERNATIONAL AFRICA the only legitimate and relyable preparatory Center in Africa has shown and proof his highesst competency,commitment,sustainable transmission skill towards students and particulars by attempting for their needs and providing admission to various ones in universities partnering with WANAM.

Along this process, numbers of students commited to this institution to secure and lead their admission procedure and all went on with total satisfaction, througthout the students themselves and the parents.

Regardless of the pressure and exhausting tasks to be done, everything went on satisfactory for those who have been granted the visa and those who have not been granted.

WANAM INTERNATIONAL keep on preparing in standard English language Programs for Kids,high school students,pre-university students, associates students,universities students,coporates and more others.We are now taking another step, to fulfill companies needs by offering training classes in english in multidisciplinary areas such as:Marketing,economy,business,technical corporates etc...

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''We can not prepare for defeat and expect to live a life in Victory''

"GOD will not pour fresh,creative ideas and blessing into old attitude"

''your attitude determine your Altitude''

''You must reprogram your mind with GOD's word;change that negative,defeated self-image that have kept you back for so long time and embrace the beauty and value,and start seeing yourself as winning,coming out on top''

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Afin de repondre aux sollicitations croissante et a l'evidence des formations anglaise pluridisciplinaire  qu'offre WANAM INTERNATIONAL,un programme de cours trimestriels est mis sur pieds afin de remettre a niveau  depuis la base de solide fondamentaux de la communication,de la redaction, de l'ecoute de la langue anglaise dont voici la nouvelle grille horaire:

  • Lundi et Mardi     de 18h-19h30  toute personne interessee
  • Mercredi             de 15h-16h30 pour les enfants de 7ans a 10ans

WANAM INTERNATIONAL facilite aux parents et tutors ,la meilleure preparation qu'elle soit pour les candidats ayant en perspective de passer les examens suivant:

  • GMAT verbal et maths reasoning
  • WAEC: 4 matieres
  • A LEVEL:4 matieres
  • O Level
  • CBSE

WANAM INTERNATIONAL est un ''Big Minded institut''

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L'education devenant de plus en plus le moyen le plus certain de developper une nation,WANAM INTERNATIONA s'illustre par sa credibilite et sa conformite example en est de ses immatriculations suivantes:n*0478/2007/MDGLAAT/MISP/DEP/ATL-LITT et n*2011/049/METFP/CAB/SG/SE-CPO/ preuve de sa crédibilite et des valeurs incarnées:SUCCES,SUCCES,SUCCES.

A cela ,il faut ajouter les resultats au-dela de l'attente  obtenus aux examens standardisés en 2011,2012 que ce soit en SAT et en TOEFL PBT.Les etudiants suivant ont demontré de par leur scores la credibilité qu'incombe WANAM INTERNATIONAL.

OURO-ZERIFOU,CREPPY ADAMA,FOLY OBOUBE avec les notes comme 770/800 en Maths Resoning  et ECHYETE TETE et Aria DERLAND AKPAKA 605 au TOEFL PBT.

Au jour le jour et sans vendre l'illusion WANAM INTERNATIONAL demontre au mérite supérieure et lucide sa maitrise envieuse et profonde de la preparation des tests standardises et la meilleure maniere d'aborder ces tests qui sont essentiels dans le processus de l'admission d'une université Americaine, Canadienne en plus de vos diplômes academiques.

WANAM INTERNATIONAL ne donne pas de bourses,WANAM INTERNATIONAL ne donne pas de billets d'avions,WANAM INTERNATIONAL vous prepare et vous presente aux divers tests standardises.

Grace a l'ardeur et la competence intellectuelle prouvée, WANAM INTERNATIONAL a permis aux nombreux etudiants serieux,et loyaux (35) de toutes nationalités confondus dont la grande quote part venant du TOGO ,de se retrouver depuis le 18,19,20,21,juillet 2011 dans le meilleur systeme educatif du Monde.Ce qui est une guarantie certaine du devenir de cette élite AFRICAINE et une richesse a long terme.

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